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✅ Вольфсбург – Шахтер 1:2 прогноз|12.03.2020|Wolfsburg – Shakhtar 1:2

✅ Вольфсбург – Шахтер 1:2 прогноз|12.03.2020|Wolfsburg – Shakhtar 1:2

in Germany in the Europa League 1/8 finals
Wolfsburg will host the miner Ukraine I welcome all lovers
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but we will move on to the match which the team spent in their internal
championships and touch a little league matches europe which
teams held early on first wolfsburg of course
had an easy match against pray do not say otherwise
relaxed game first at home then more concentrated they spent in
sweden well and as a result Now we see here the assembly in the next
stages regarding the championship here different periods the team happens because
what’s big from a major victory 400 manson happen
sometimes annoyingly no match how it was against union berlin 22 and of course
a very difficult match was played against leipzig fish here the team at oliver
the eye of the world set the optimal composition we see that wood war horse came out alone
of the team’s top scorers teams looked against the background of leipzig
great good and principle also had as much moment as how much
and leipzig certainly the audience expected from this and the meeting of goals scored but they are not
happened because that the 1 2 team is right a little bit yes
enough street I did not play from the first minutes we are true but later he will appear played
patrick chic who this season also It looks good but plus to everything
note of course marsalis an officer who is already quite good
played in the champions league for leipzig finishing off a couple of goals and also scored
Amel Forsberg so pretty interesting
the game turned out and the most important thing is that wolfsburg did not give in and extended his
a series which is already 9 matches as for the miner’s game then
championship of course now in Ukraine is not very competitive because 2
teams remain top but the rest so let’s say more probably probably
some amateur teams we see that the miner manages to pass benfica very
also a difficult match turned out away played 33 very productive football
it turned out but in the championship pretty calmly let it go and here
defeat were of course victory 4134 of course in the championship a miner can imagine
let such things be here but we are with you We are well aware that if the team
will continue to speak at in the league of europe it will be fraught
departure from the stages in which now dwells a miner composition can be distinguished
wife Raisa Tyson’s frame i.e. and also we see eugene linnet
match against voices entered the field as a result the miner
now takes confidently goes on first line behind the dynamics of it
make up 14 kopecks but here of course probably talk about who will
the champion probably doesn’t have to end up we get interesting with you
picture of both teams the attacker likes to play the attack no matter
where does a miner play house or away at its collection who is the same no matter who is in front of
him a miner or leipzig here i think that your marriage at home should and must simply
to score therefore it is logical to assume what we will see, a sword from both
I would recommend a new assembly think about 2-3 goals scored therefore
here is my forecast following team water manages to excel and plus 5 will be less
5 5 odds 1 86 not believing that we have wolfsburg
manages to score 4 there will not be five swords such a victory is likely
minimum 21 on or 31 but maybe it will even be to it
productive draw 22 who knows him here you were on the mark sport basing channel
be sure to wait for your subscription to my channel like under video write
in the comments your forecast and to new meetings

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  2. Конечно болею за Шахтер, но мало практики в УПЛ. Вольфсбург выглядит немного сильнее.

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