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ترتيب اثاث و اكسسوارات في معرض بيكار

ترتيب اثاث و اكسسوارات في معرض بيكار

In today’s episode, we will highlight a unique showroom with a unique designer, his pieces and furniture are unique and different traditional furniture and accessories in a modern touch I am talking about Hussam Rushaid from Becarre showroom The designer Hussam Rushaid, he studied Interior Design, and started his career in Interior Design he found passion in designing furniture pieces, and accessories he decided to open his own workshop and begin with his showroom: Becarre Becarre is one of the most important home accessories showrooms in Kuwait that has unique pieces and almost all of them and maybe all of them are from the design of Hussam Rushaid and what makes these pieces unique is the Kuwaiti inspiration and traditions whether in sofas, cushions, accessories art pieces, mirrors, all of these will have a Kuwaiti modern touch by using Gold, Pearl, using some pieces which we didn’t use to see before but this piece was renewed and made beautifully used as gifts to friend or even used in houses it will be unique and different pieces from others the designer Hussam Rushaid decided to have his own workshop with a high and professional techniques in creating his own accessories pieces but this workshop is not only made for his designs, he made it open to all designers who would love to create their own pieces to fabricate their pieces in his workshop, come with me now and see how we can decorate a console, side table using his accessories from this showroom we start with the console in a formal style we start with two table lamps always hide the wires and because it is formal, repeating the pieces on right and left will make it more formal and of course the perfumes are something essential and if you have extra space down put big greenery in order to fill the space I always loved adding books, to give colors harmony in a horizontal way and if we want to design the same console in a less formal way I took these table lamps that has traditional touch and because they are simple and plain, I took three of them and I always like to hide the wires in this way the pink flowers broke the silver touch and gave style smoothness on the other side I put books with green and pink colors to break down the other side of the console and the down side was filled with other repetitive green plants in a new space, we will start with a sky blue sofa and fill it with neutral color cushions same table lamps and accessories on right and left the sofa and if the seating was formal we can have small tables in a big number instead of having only one table in the middle the same sofa, we used same sofa color for cushions with a black cushion in the middle and when I wanted to select a side table I selected black and gold in order to match it with the cushion the other side wasn’t full with another table. I selected some beautiful accessories with birds that has different levels and heights and the main tables are two big and middle size one, easy for movement and I placed the accessories this way

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  1. جدا رائعة قناتك وإنتي الأروع بتقديمك وطرحك… استفدت كثير من افكارك وإبداعاتك المستمرة و خصوصا عند تنسيق الاثاث بأكثر من طريقه واختيار الالوان❤️ و كيف بالاخير يكمل بعض ويطلع متجانس ومتناسق
    انتظر حلقاتك دائما ،، يعطيك الف الف عافية حبيبتي

  2. إنتي كثير مبدعة انا متابعتك من لندن احب برنامجك كثير وأحبك إنتي شخصيه

  3. ادعموا قناتي و خلونا نوصل 1000 مشترك قبل السنه الجديدة قناتي بيها وصفات سهله و سريعه بدون فرن
    و تزين كيك و حرف يدويه باستطاعه الكل عملها

  4. مش طبيعي ابدا و لا جميل _ ان يكون راس المصممة دايما مايل الى الجنب!! لكن بيكار روووعة

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  6. يا فرح من فضلك ساعديني ارجوكي هل الباركي الغامق يستخدم في الغرف

  7. الكويت احس من مسلسلاتهم ديكورات البيوت هناك مهضومة

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