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Холодильник LG DoorCooling+ GA-B459BLKL / Двухкамерный холодильник LG с системой Multi Air Flow

Холодильник LG DoorCooling+ GA-B459BLKL / Двухкамерный холодильник LG с системой Multi Air Flow

Hi, everybody. In this video
there will be an overview of the refrigerator with smart inverter motor
LG. Model GA-B459BLKL. Fridge purchased in December 2019
years. Now, at the moment the output of the video is already over
January 2020 and the refrigerator for almost 2 months. Therefore
first, I’ll tell you about it characteristics, functions,
I’ll also show you the refrigerator itself and I will share my impressions.
And at the end of the video I will tell you what to pay attention to
when purchasing this model refrigerator or similar
models’. So I advise you see it through. To
don’t miss the release of new ones videosecu recommend subscribing
on the channel, and click on the bell. Oh, and don’t
forget after viewing put your finger up!
So let’s go. LG refrigerator was purchased
in the DNS store. There was an option buy a Bosch refrigerator, but
if we consider refrigerators in the same price segments,
I like LG more in its appearance.
And it was decided to buy it his. Your opinion may differ
from mine. So don’t in the comments prove,
which refrigerator is better! Everyone has their own opinion! Complete with a refrigerator
there is an instruction, warranty coupon, restrictive
stops and installation kit doors on the other side,
which consists of the lower loops and loop covers. The color of the refrigerator is graphite.
Dimensions without handle 595 × 1860 × 737 mm. Freezer
located at the bottom, and the refrigerator respectively from above.
The volume of the freezer 107 l; volume of the refrigerating
chambers 234 liters. The total amount 341 liters. In a freezer
there are 3 drawers, as well as a bonus there was a tray
for ice. In the refrigerating chamber is
drawer for fruits and vegetables. And 3 glass ones
shelves. Lighting is located above. On the door are located
3 plastic shelves. Removable the egg tray is also coming
as a unit. In the refrigerator refrigerant is used
R600A. Energy efficiency class And+. Total cooling system
No Frost. Noise level of 36 dB. When the door is open more
minutes the refrigerator emits that’s the sound. On the upper
the door has an LED display. There are buttons at the bottom. With them
you can use it to set the desired temperature in the refrigerator
and the freezer. But also to enable rapid cooling,
economy mode and a quick freeze. And also
there is a button lock. On the back of the refrigerator
must be mandatory gap. Included are
special restrictions stops that allow
do it. This gap needed to make a refrigerator
did not overheat, because the back there is a radiator grille,
which gives off heat. And with a small gap, cooling
it will be bad. This model of refrigerator
equipped with Total No system Frost. Refrigerators with this
the system is 1.6 times faster, than conventional refrigerators
No Frost perform the process coolings. Full cooling
cameras from 30°C to 10°C occur for 1 hour and 13 minutes (in normal
refrigerators this process takes at least 2 hours).
This system also includes includes the latest technology
multithreaded blowing Multi-Air Flow. Multi-Air Technology
Flow does not allow accumulation excess moisture, it prevents
the formation of ice, saves electricity, and
promotes uniform cooling of the refrigerator
and the freezer. Uniform distribution of cold feed
air is carried out through special channels.
You can arrange products across the entire working volume
the refrigerator, including the door. Forget about defrosting
– no frost or ice in the refrigerator chambers
allows you to contain products in hygienic cleanliness,
no unpleasant smell dampnesses. A refrigerator is also provided
DoorCooling+system. This technology provides fast and
even cooling. Panel the cold air
at the top of the refrigerator provides fast and
even cooling, to ensure that your products are saved
fresh even longer. All models in the DoorCooling series+
equipped with a linear inverter compressor with digital
management. Sounds complicated — all the nuances of technology
they will only be understood by engineers. What does the private get
user? First of all, minimal noise. Secondly,
efficiency. Inverter compressor
not only helps evenly cooling the refrigerator chamber
LG, but also provides a substantial power saving.
The noise level in the new refrigerators LG DoorCooling+ 36 dB, which is 25% lower,
than in previous models. Thanks to this compressor
creates a silent and reliable work to do nothing
disturbed your peace of mind at home. The refrigerator has a mobile
diagnostics. What does it mean? On my channel there is a review of
on the LG washing machine. The link will be in the description,
and also on the screen. She has this function is also available. Thanks to
Hey, we can do it without help how to find out what
with our refrigerator or the washing machine is not
so. And fix the problem without calling a specialist
if it is possible. Of course this function is not always available
it helps, but it is there and I think this is a plus. Most likely many are interested in
the noise of the fridge. After all the manufacturer stated 36
dB. Compared to those however, this is a low indicator.
But these are all numbers that the average customer doesn’t understand.
I will immediately explain that the volume in 36 dB is comparable to flipping
pages in a book or with a whisper. Refrigerator thanks to
smart compressor noise quietly, but in different ways. In the instruction
specified that can be published clicking, whistling, murmuring,
as well as clapping sounds. This is all within the norm. So, as promised, I will tell you
what to pay attention to when purchasing this model
LG refrigerator or similar models’. The refrigerator display. He
here you need to set the temperature of the refrigerator
and the freezer, and also include some
modes. Real temperature it doesn’t show in the refrigerator.And
lights up either during opening the door for several
seconds, or when pressed press any button at the bottom of the display.
And after a while it goes out. LG States that
this is done to save money energy and make to
it burned constantly it doesn’t appear possible. Although I think,
that it is still possible to do. But I wouldn’t recommend it.
If you suddenly know how do this, then leave
comments. In the characteristics it is written that this is an LED display.
But after reading the forums I found out, what is it most likely OLED
display, and they burn out. And that’s why LG did it
the backlight is temporary. Why put such displays
you ask? Everything is elementary. Everyone wants to save money. With
on the other hand, the display you will only need
for settings that you perhaps you will make one
once in my life. Therefore constant glow in this
this is not necessary, because the display the actual temperature is not
shows. Next thing you need to do
pay attention-this handles. Even at the refrigerator
and zero clearance, but handles you will not be given completely
open the door if right the side of the wall will stand
close to the wall. Therefore, either make a gap, or
move the refrigerator on other side. And how
the option can be outweighed doors. And perhaps one more point
what to pay attention to. This is a Cold store.
At all possible positions shelves in it does not fit 3
liter jar or pot its size. It seems to be a trifle,
but for some it may seem disadvantage. And that’s all I have. If
do you still have any questions, then ask them
in the comments. Put thumbs up and up to new ones
meetings! All the while!

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