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Светильник – сверлильник из эпоксидной смолы / Epoxy L.E.D. Lamp / Arduino WS2812

Out!) It’s time to fill the cartridge, I will fill it with epoxy resin Cristal Epoxy A reference will be in the description of who wants to repeat It took about 12 hours you can fill the next layer repeat the procedure, the same is slightly heated to 23-25 ​​degrees, then degassing and neatly pouring on the wall it’s time to get a lathe chuck, it’s been 10 days in my opinion, but more than a week it is just gaining strength enough time to loose Getting Started So, friends, everything is ready and is very eager to experience what happened. insert drill we connect power, we start there is super The lamp is integrated microcontroller arduino so here you can download a huge amount of effects change them if you wish, I have foreseen everything here connects usb cable This allows you to change modes, here you can download any color mode, you can adjust the smooth change of brightness let’s say on white light I think many people understand arduino and it will not be absolutely no difficulty, especially since everything is on the Internet everything can be downloaded and very easy to download here backlit button too super Now I want to solder here a small lithium polymer battery for four volts I have already tested, everything works from her and running 50 minutes. the long-awaited moment we look what happened, we run and start the rotation yes it’s just magic This unusual lamp has turned out, I think, comically, you can call it “Drilling the darkness” especially since I recently acquired a lathe and wanted to do something on this subject whoever wants to repeat something like that on all the components that I used, I will leave a link in the description who liked the video support like until all friends to new meetings

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