Hambone Blues Jam

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Today we’re going to cook lamb legs in beer We bought a sheep, fat-tailed one Cut off back side Cut off its fat tail About 1.5 kilos Slice off excessive fat Cut off lymph glands Why don’t you pour me a drink to warm up We could’ve not drunk But it’s a good opportunity to have a drink Why limit yourself, right? For opportunities! Whoopsie! Looks like our baking pan is too small Let’s see what we can do I’ve found this tub I’ll use it instead of a baking pan Take some salt Pepper Will they fit here? Perfect! This tub is made just for this purpose Take a bottle of beer, half a liter Charcoal has burnt. Let’s spread them on both sides My wife has asked me to make lamb chops shashlik Let’s divide the front part from rib cage This could be used to make shulyum (lamb soup) Separate renal part Good lamb! The temperature in our oven is 280° C Couldn’t manage to reach the highest possible Our shashlik is going to be spicy Sweetheart, take salt and pepper home It’s getting hotter not only in the oven But in our yard as well The weather is so nice Even though it’s the middle of November the sun is still hot It’s interesting what the weather is like in your town Bee, get out of here! Pin the chops like this Do you want a piece, Phoebe? Here We’ll start with the chops Mmmm! Meat, meat, meat! Our shashlik is ready Let’s see what about lamb legs 4 hours passes since we’ve put our meat into the oven Let’s look The foil has ripped Let’s look inside Whew, yummy! If you have any kind of an oven at home It’s pretty easy to cook this dish Only 4 hours Salt, pepper, some beer and it turns out just great I want to raise this glass for everyone to have Caucasus health For our homes to prosper And our deeds to be wise and sensible Only bones for me They say the tastiest meat is on the bones No meat on these bones

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  1. Olá,sou brasileira,não intendo nada q esse rapaz fazendo comida fala,mais acabei mim escrevendo no seu canal pq amei o jeito como ele cozinha,é exótico e diferente,apesar de não intender nada q ele fala…Muito legal

  2. Entendi nada que ele falou, porém pelo qualidade da carne deve ter ficado divino, amigos europeus chama no Whatsapp +55 07598161-8318 para fazermos amizade.

  3. Животные, естественная жизнь и главное семейный аромат.

    Здоровье в твоих руках. Приятного аппетита.🤝😊🤝😊

  4. Посмотрел, как Жорик накатил стакан вина, пошёл к холодильнику, отрезал колбасы и накатил тоже стакан красного))

  5. Братан вы Шисливого человек у вас 3 дочерей шасте вам здоровья я уже дома при гатовел на духовку очень вкусно получилось спасиба огромный за такой совет

  6. надо же столько людей сидят и смотрят как мужик со свое семьей жрут барана.

  7. Круто!!! Я тоже обожаю готовить что-либо из мяса и всегда с удовольствием смотрю как Вы это делаете…

  8. Mire hombre feo Yo no le doy ningún like porque a mí no me gusta que maten los animales y usted sólo tragando animales se la pasa

  9. умопомрачительный

    я хочу купить самурайский нож купить в Индии его нет в наличии

    мы можем сделать дружбу

    я из Индии

    и я большой поклонник вашей еды, и я действительно хочу встретиться с вами

  10. Ассаламуғалейкум из Қазақстана
    Самое кайфовый отдых с семьёй дома шашлык , плов, готовит ехххххх всем удачи и богатство и главное здоровье ✊

  11. Saludos desde las vegas….me gustó mucho tu receta.ese corderito con una salsa mexicana que sabroso…felicidedez

  12. As are one's seeds & deeds so are the fruits one gets. Boilers get boiled, killers get killed, roasters get roasted, cutters get cut, flesh eaters' own flesh gets eaten not once several times, 1,10,100,1000,and more as fruit of one attempt even. This is the universal truth. When the fruits of old sins will start
    showing their colour all of a sudden is never known to anyone. The best is not to give pains to any living being. LIVE AND LET LIVE ALL. Bad and worst sins are commited with great zeal and passions and their piercing and burning results have to be felt at last. Causing sufferings fetch sufferings and pities fetch pities. This is the universal truth no one can deny. Never cause even a little pain to anyone because pains of all living beings are exactly similar like our own pains. Always live in a way so that all other small and big creatures also live. Live And Let Live All…. Live And Let Live All is the best and topmost tech beyond any match. This is really great to make one a real great. This will end all sins of old births and future sufferings forever. Sacrificing ourselves for others is best and greatest and instead sacrificing others for ownselves is our degradation to the bottom of the HELL. . . .- THANKS:.

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    Live And Let Live All…. Live And Let Live All

  13. Георгий приготовь жау баур это оочень вкусно,это печень свернутая в нутреной жир баранины ,соль перец и лук на шампурах как шашлык готовится ,Балкарское блюдо .

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